Spoken Word Paris Report: November 12

Report By Alberto / Pictures by Stephanie Hoffmann

Christelle sharing Seamus Heaney and Arthur Rimbaud. David’s “Pity le Pauvre Parisien”. “And pity le pauvre audience for listening it again, but I like to read it.”

Kate Noakes: “The dictator’s eyes.” When he was young he had vision. Greg: When Apollinaire meets Picasso. Kellyjoy: Let’s pretend! Gabriel: Flowers and Creatures, a raw poem.  Our featured performer is James Navé, poet, speaker, storyteller, and creativity coach. With Marc Smith he is one of the pioneers of the Spoken Word movement. He has memorized over 400 poems and performed over 3000 shows and workshops for schools, universities, and businesses around the globe. And you can see it, he’s got la peche, as you’d say in Paris.

Amel covering The Cure, Perrine et Eleonore/ J’ai vu le jour / Improviser une orgie demoniaque. Senie: We’re tired but not tired enough. Julien’s les jours sont courts. Alberto’s monogamy symphony. Kajsa & Ella’s singing about hats. Bruce… I don’t remember, I went upstairs to get a drink for God’s sake! I deserve it! Ah, no, now I remember: “The man who does it like an android”. Alex: “…filled with dirt a twig some springs of grass to chew.” Betsy Ma from her book coming out in 2014, a kind of Bridget Jones Diary but… (It’s from the future! Audience front row hecklers) Excerpt: “David is boring, but I think boring is good. Boring is stable.”

Troy: “This personal Jesus has two balls and a cock”. Gaby Blues performs “Paradise Toxic” (“Comment un spliff mal roulè”). Georgina Emerson’s love letter after Apollinaire.

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