Report from Spoken Word Paris December 3 2012

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Stephanie Hoffmann (Check out the Whole Album)FEATURED POET and Writer, Rapper, Lecturer, Boxing Champion of Writers get Violent, Founder Of The Series Unstrung Letters, Midnight Storyteller: Georgina Emerson.

giorgina's boxers.jepg

Tom scares the audience: I’m a gargoyle from Manchester. Kirby goes with: Shake The Dust by Anis Mojgani. Jason keeps translating the untranslatable Romanian poet. Pat Cash is single. Good to know. “You can’t blame your one night stand / for being your one night stand / But when you’re very drunk you can.” “David called his mother: Mama, she’s the one.” We don’t know what his mother said. Debra dedicated to Uncle Superman Fly. Kate in Paris, Kate in South Africa. Savannah disappeared, we don’t know where. Special Celebration: Georgina is leaving and to honour one of our most beloved athlete we retire her legendary panties, hanging forever in the Chat Noir/Spoken Word Hall of Fame. Round Two. Sam: Fuckin Human Beings. Ok. Jonathan introducing Obsidivism. Louisa reads her poem “Christmas” featured in the Bastille: “Cats fucking interrupt our mourning.”. Victor’s History of French Popular Music. John Lennon: “French rock is like English wine: it doesn’t exist.” Kia fixing her banjo. Dan song about a thunderstorm in the Alps. Thomas’ outing: I’m celibataire. Verb. Poetry. I poetry reverberate.

Round Three. Strangely is back with his accordeon: History of American Popular Music. Jayne encouraging crazy artists. Kya playing her banjo (Finally Amazing!) Alex The Dreamsailor: sad happy song about S. Francisco oooooh oooooooh! The Ella & Kajsa Scandinavian Accappella Duo singing: “Var Inte Radd For Morkret”. Scandinavian Ambjorn reading Robert Frost and introducing his play reading. Alex Manthei sharing German Poet Monica Rinck’s Pond. To re-read it: Click Here. Helen (from Ireland) the Angry Lutemaker is back! Helen (from France) featuring Georgina for the new french improvised dictionary. Farewell Georgina. Thanks you for two years of Mondays! For all the others see you next Monday.

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