Much Ado About Nothing

Beth Jervis is playing a bunch of roles in a theatre production of “Much About Nothing” – co-production of compagnie lynx and new open space. She writes –
I thought this might interest Spoken Worders – We are playing in the Théatre de Nesle in the 6th from the 18th January till the end of March, every Friday and Saturday at 7.15pm…

Much Ado about Nothing (“Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien”) de William
Shakespeare. Bénédict et son ami aristo Claudio reviennent de la guerre et sont
accueillis par Léonato, gouverneur de Messina. Béatrice retrouve Benedict: ce sont de
vielles connaissances qui s’échangent des moqueries brillantes. Claudio tombe
amoureux de Héro fille de Léonato et leur marriage s’organise. Par manière de
plaisanterie, leurs amis complotent pour faire tomber Béatrice et Bénédict amoureux.
Mais Claudio, persuadé par son frère Don Juan que sa promise lui est infidèle,
l’humilie publiquement à la céremonie de noces. Heureusement la maréchaussée locale
appréhende les complices de Don Juan et l’innocence de Hero soit prouvée, et dans la
scène finale les deux couples d’amoureux sont réunis.

Much Ado about Nothing (“Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien”) by William Shakespeare.
Benedick and his young aristocratic friend Claudio return victoriously from the
war and are greeted by Leonato, governor of Messina, father of Hero and uncle to
Beatrice. Benedick renews his fiery relationship with Beatrice (“They never meet but
there’s a skirmish of wits between them.”), while Claudio falls in love with Hero and
arrangements are made for the wedding. Meanwhile, for their amusement, Benedick
and Beatrice’s friends undertake one of Hercules’ labours: to bring the two love-heretics into “a mountain of affection the one with the other”. The plan works, and they fall in love. But the villain Don John manages to persuade his brother that his fiancée is unfaithful, and on their wedding day Claudio publicly denounces her. Fortunately the local constabulary arrests the conspirators, Hero’s innocence is proved, and in the final scene of the play the two couples are reunited.

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