Report from February 25: Hometown!

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Sabine Dundure. Full Album Here.

red audienceHuge crowd and incredible First Round! How: “Allons enfants de la Patisserie” by Thomas and Bibi remarking she’s got clones everywhere. One is an Italian Singer. Giorgia? Helene thinking Heavy Hearted. And Yann Icus:

“Do not feed the octoshark, nor the sharktopus.

I’ve yet to decide which to cull, which will thrive.

What would Darwin do? Hand me that blunderbuss.” From “The Moreau Zoo”

bibi and yannBibi                                                                                                               Yann

I hate the spiky David Sirois, a poet coming from the Land of Porcupines. Melinda found out that the famous commercial song “Hello Calgary” was written for many other cities all around the world. Gabriel bleeding cloying maudlin sticky maple syrup for his favourite hockey team: The Toronto Maple Leafs (They won their last Stanley Cup in 1967). More Stats here. David Jaggard ranted for three minutes beating the XXXX out of a little round table.david j tableHow can we keep a pace like that for round II? Amel’s opening song, Victor just named Serge Gainsbourg and a glass of Beer exploded! David born on Agatha’s Christie’s grave, Melissa reading from her forbidden diary, Pearlann leaving Paris with a new tattoo: “Je Suis.”David, bibi and.jepg sandra's photoSandra’s incomparable voice, sweet home AlaParis. Alberto’s grandmother in a nursing home. James Jewell’s from his freshly made new book!

bruce.jepgAnd the Sofia Lorenians’ showcase. Put your arms around me. Gus (supported by Carmen&Alba) wants to be number one in America! (Well, why not? It’s his birthday after all). Francesca’s first time (At Spoken Word Paris of course). The french slam poet La Clameur performing in English. Devon read so fast that I didn’t even realize and Annie closed our Hometown session with the Yorkshire Secret Code.francesca&AnnieIt’s midnight already and it’s over. But come back down here next Monday with the Launch Party for the (affordable but precious) James Jewell’s new book and the ambiguous theme of Persuasion!

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  1. Yannicus says:

    Great night! Just for info, you can find more sharktopii and other beasts here:

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