It’s almost victory day here in town, to mis-quote James Jewell who was here for the European launch of his chapbook, Ships Made of Fake Fur. The night began with Rachel singing – our youngest ever Spokenworder. Huge numbers of people. Come early if you want to be on the list. Usual crappy bar service.

Some stuff folks did: Alex dug from the general hunch of him. Translated into Italian and French. Christelle has a response for tous qui n’aiment pas les Parisiens. Melinda was on a junior highway to Hell. Paul Salamone ranted about Germans:

“Germans don’t smile ‘cos the German language destroys the smile muscles… French sounds like trombones discussing restaurants.”

Catch him doing stand up and learning German in Berlin.

Alberto told a story about learning to read and being confused by his grandfather when the last Pope died.

“It’s written everywhere Dad is dead. Is Dad dead?” – Little Alberto

“Well then it must be true…” – mean grandfather

Katie: communion is a priest with greasy fingers, sharing chips through his chapped lips. Gabriel emitted his baritone mating call. James Jewell read various things from his chapbook and not from his chapbook. Melissa did Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator. Kirk advised filming airport security when they try to grope your mother. Victor merely mentioned Gainsbourg and a beer glass spontaneously exploded. Yann Icus chose a bulletproof breakfast. “Plants are people too!” said David Sirois before embarking on some poems to plants, principally ones outside his window and on his fire escape. Chelsea: I am a grotesque watching beautiful people on the metro. The best things are both clumsy and passionate.

Bruce collected junk. David Jaggard tried to persuade us to steal. Devon shared his own lunatic dreams. Troy’s frogs barked in the distance. Dan loves physics. Sam had a poem to The Shard in London and an ode to cricket. While you were sleeping, Carmen drank your pomegranate wine. HLn improvised with squelettes and cacahouètes.

Tomorrow, Monday 11th, we have Alice Notley as featured reader in the first round – one of the big names in poetry. The theme is SECRECY. Shhh! And all the usual chaos. Get there early if you want to sign up.

Thanks to Sabine for the photos. And Allison for the drawing of the Black Cat.
Cheers all,

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Awww… I love it when Troy’s frogs bark in the distance ❤

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