Report from March 25: Clichès!

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Sabine Dundure. Shuffle the whole album here.

It was a dark and stormy night, in Paris everyone one was wearing long sleeves striped shirt, smoking in cafès with a baguette under the armpit. The theme was clichès. Only the bravest performers showed up. They were Charles Patterson, Kajsa & Sara, David Barnes, David Jaggard, David Lewis. Enough with the Davids. Dareka. Pallavi Kidambi. Haniffa, Max, Kristina, The Good Slamaritan, David Leo Sirois, Troy, Sam, Anna, Amel&Alberto&Britney, Lucy Gelman, Evan, Bruce, Victor and our featured poet: Claire Trévien launching her new book “The Shipwrecked House.”

claireClichès Moments. David Sirois: “Many people think writing poems about flowers is cheesy.” Anna dedicating an “Ode to the average Joe”, Dareka: “For French Kissing we say turning a shovel.” Pallavi Kidambi’s questions to an Indian girl: “Are you Indian? Are you full Indian? Are you married? Did your parents arranged your marriage? What’s that dot mean? Do you worship cows? Why do you worship cows?

Poet's hand on heartCan you trust a poet with his hand on his heart?

Audience 1

Yes, we can.

SuppositoryHalf -in Suppository.

(If you want to learn how to drive in France with David Jaggard read the full article here.)


If you want to learn Spanish and many other things…

See you next Monday, fools! (It’s April 1st).

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