Monday 24th’s SpokenWord – dreams contest, one poem rule, 4 rounds

Monday’s theme – dreams/dreaming
Exceptional changes for this Monday –
– 4 ROUNDS –
So more people can read.
So that we can get 4 rounds in between 8.30pm and midnight: you can only do one poem/text/etc. So if it’s short you CAN’T start another one. There’s still a 5 minute maximum.

Dreams contest –
We (David, Troy & Bruce) will publish our favourite 4 to 6 poems in this summer’s issue of THEBASTILLE magazine. (Launch 22nd July)
To be considered, poems should be on the theme of dreams/dreaming AND you MUST bring 2 COPIES of the poem – one for you to read from and one to give us when you sign up AND a 50 WORD BIOGRAPHYAND YOUR SIGNTURE.
We will collect the copy of all dream contest poems at sign up.
We will let you know which poems got in to the magazine only at the launch on Monday 22nd July at the Monte en l’air bookshop.

As always, you don’t have to stay on the theme, it’s just that we can’t consider off-theme poems for the contest.
I’m using the word poem as shorthand for poem/story/text/etc/original song (give us a copy of the lyrics).
If you already have already had a poem accepted you can still enter the contest.

Apart from that, everything will be as usual. Sign up from 7.30 etc.
Cheers all, David

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