Report from August 26: Indignities! Indignez vouz si vouz plaiz…

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Sabine Dundure. For the full album click here.

5Summer might be over: it’s grey and drizzling and the room downstairs starts to be crowded, warming up for the new season to come. Our Featured Poet is JJ Bola, Kinshasa born, London raised, regular performer at the Tongue Fu, Bang Said The Gun and Chill Pill of London, carrying and selling out his book “Elevate.” Amel is singing Last. Will deals with Indie dentists. David Jaggard ranting against the Squat Toilet (Not a toilet but a target or a porthole to the deeper circle of hell). Melinda takes us back in the 90’s and into her shower. Haniffa’s “To my white lover”. Bill’s indignities and spontaneous circle. Petite Rachelle sings about the battle of Camembert.

SpokenWord 008_editJennifer’s Holliwood credentials. Yann reading from Belleville Park Pages. David Barnes swallowing Alice’s meatcakes, James getting an escalator in London, Alex Manthei “Hold that rainbow breath”, Megan’s Propaganda and Female Anatomy and from the BBC special “Poems to learn by heart”: David Sirois performing Philip Larkin’s famous poem better known as “They fuck you up your mom and dad”. Followed by “Night blooming Jasmine”.

9In round III the top hat decided for Felix “L’adieu”. Rob’s life as a Poet: “It’s all been said by Pound and Proust”. Frances admits: “I’ve just broke up with my boyfriend.” And then I lost my stage sheet. Very complicated to recall names and lines with my foggy and insubordinate, mutinous memory. I will try to do it with images:

Further readings and listenings:

The original version of “This be the verse”, read by Philip Larkin.

David Sirois’ new poetry blog.

See you on Monday. The theme: “The Erotic.”


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