Report from September 2: The Erotic!

Song to listen while reading this: “I’m on fire”. Report by Alberto. Pictures by Sabine Dundure. Click here for the full album.

SW 025_editDangerous dangerous theme, David Barnes chose it but he didn’t show up and left for the cold Sweden leaving a boiling inflammatory Chat Noir’s basement / Inferno’s circle burning at the stake of lust. James Jewell opened the night singing Dildooooo, then switch on a more prosaic: “I saw a cigarette floating like a leaf…”. David Atwoll is back with his new chapbook “Surfacing”, winner of the 2012/2013 Poetry Businness Competition. Devon turned the room on with such lines as “Call me lunatic for your moon”. Ariana singing “I can take you higher, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, I’m on fire”. It was the point of no return. I just remember Bill’s opening line: “I’m gonna fXXX you” and Jennifer’s latter “I’m gonna rock the timber of your mind until you’re dumb and deaf and blind.” I tried to put a couple of little girls on stage, Rachel and Lou, to cool off the atmosphere but as soon as their mother took them away from this den of degenerates, Isabel, proud member of the Drunken Writers Group, brought the temperature to the highest levels and went explicit on a classical and wild “Menage a trois.” Sam and Simon and a drop of Garfunkel too I’d say, singing the final song of the round and Ex-circus strongman David Sirois opened the door and sent everybody to drench their sins either outside or at he bar.22

For God’s sake: part II. Will is looking for a place to stay, let us know if you know, cautiosly he reads a poem called “Don’t worry, I don’t snore.” James Bird: “Let’s baptise the floor”. Hannah’s attempt of an erotic poem. Yann: “an erotic poem written from the point of you of the predator.” Alberto’s re-counting the moles on his/your girlfriend’s body.” Nina didn’t know about the theme and she feels like a virgin, reading her poem recently published on Belleville Park Pages 5. Alex Manthei: “…there is only between, there’s only across.” And then we forgot to lock the door before Troy York found out about theme and jumped on stage with: “I’d really like to fxxx you on a Christmas tree!” and “Loving that handle” (a poem about doors).

Part III

Chuck forced himself not to go into bad porn: “Let me love you here on the floor” (The same floor used by James Bird. And maybe by troy and with the Christmas tree. Gabriele negotiating is poem as erotic (with seven hands and one piano). David Sirois flirting with pigeons and surprisingly dancing! (“I’m a dancing queen” he claims)(I didn’t know this multi-talented man could even dance flamenco).

Devy Lyons:

I’ve never loved like this before

she’s the one I’d give my life for

she was eighteen and I was twenty-one

when I saw her eyes golden in the sun…

Susan is here to sign a contract and celebrate: her novel is going to be published. Details to come. Chloe: “You tell me that you come to realize that you got three brains.” Megan: “The first time we made love was at your parents house.” And Hannah, another one, from Ireland, played the piano on William Shakespeare’s verses. I had to disperde the horny mob with hydrants. Next Mondya the theme is “Gaslighting”. I think you need wikipedia to fully get into it. Good luck! And see you next Monday.

SW 080_editP.S. We found a notebook on Monday, downstairs when everybody was gone. It’s brown, Moleskine, nothing inside can tell the name of its owner. But the first page dates: “Saturday 3rd August.” If you lost it (we know how painful it can be) and you want back your precious writings come back next Monday and hassle me or David.

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