Spoken Word Paris December 9: The East!

Pictures by Sabine Dundure. Have a look a the full album here. Mary & Jack Kerouac, Reth & Nelson Mandela, Jonathan & The Professor Von Sgarulfen & Schopenauer & Etreme Ironing. Jacob & his XXXX, Ferdinand & his English Lessons, Felix and his German, Gab & Lucy, Anita & William Blake: “Bride Bride Burning Bright In The Terror Of The Night”.

Round II. Catherine opens at the piano, No, actually a man met on the street opened but we all (I hope) forgot what he was talking about, Megan, Alex & (Guess who’s back from Sweden)(Host of Spoken Word Stockholm…) Helen, Matt Bassett, Yan, Victor & Evan, Annie & her best friend, Boomie and the Fish, Jeanne closes at the piano. Round III. Moe & The Monkey of Loneliness, Rose, Doug Power & The Antichrist of Canada, David Sirois, Imani & her family strawberry mark, Alabaster, Liz Greenfield, Mukta & Anruta, Hannah, Tom & Nazim Hikmet. We were 33 on stage, many more in the audience. Come back next Monday. The theme is: Winter.

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