First Spoken Word Paris of 2014 : Lucky Numbers!

Pictures by Sabine Dundure, full album here. Welcome to 2014 at Spoken Word Paris! First Episode of the year featuring: Chris Newens’s table called Ithaca, Evan’s train rumbles down the valley in Nebraska, Bernard’s 3 words love poem, Ferdinand’s lucky numbers, Yann’s tolerance wasn’t built in a day, David Sirois entering Dante’s hell (Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita…), Moe and the day James Brown died, Rebecca’s burning down the house. Serena’s blurred lines, Troy’s Christmas Tree, Ret’s cold blooded bitch, Helen’s new satanism, Francesca’s too much fun in Paris, Camile’s futile poems (someone got dumped), Alyssa’s controlling your breathing. Alex’s “There is your craft”, Nandan’s “I’m not supersticious but why take a chance?”, James’s anger and darkness, Melanie & Pamela & Octavio Paz, Drew & Carl Sandburg & Jenn & Cesare Pavese and a poem found on his desk after he committed suicide:

Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi/ Death will come and will have your eyes.

Welcome to 2014, farewell 2013. The new Metro navigo will cost 3% more. (2010: 56,60. 2012: 65,10. 2014: ?) Welcome new next Monday Theme: “The Metro”.

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