Spoken Word Paris March 3: Colours & Jazz!

It was March 3, it was having Colours as theme, it was the new setting, the new lights, it was the special 2nd round: “improvised jazz to accompany the poetry”. Andy Guthrie was at the piano, Jay Golden at the bass, Moe Seager at vocals & percussion. It was Gabriel Gorman’s birthday until midnight, it was Sabine Dundure’s birthday after midnight. There were 26 Performers officially and many more in reality. The Cinderella rule was destroyed. These are some of the images of that wild night. For the the whole album of pictures taken by Sabine click here. We ended with these last three lines read by Amruta:

Your absence has gone through me

like thread through a needle.

Everything I do is stitched with its color. 

W.S. Mervin (“Separation”)

But don’t look at the past. Think about your future, or don’t think about future: Next Monday’s theme is: fix.

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