The Other Writers’ Group

A writers’ workshop and the heart of a community of writers in Paris. We practice the art of giving useful feedback on stories and poetry in a spirit of encouragement and learning of the craft of writing. The experienced leaders, writers David Barnes and Bruce Sherfield, create a safe space to lead passionate enquiry into what makes stories and poems work. The atmosphere is that of a university tutorial focussed on fostering talent. David has been running the workshop since 2005, Bruce joined him in 2011. Suggested donation 5 euros.

The Other Writers’ Group
6.30pm-8.30pm every Sunday at Shakespeare & Company, 37 rue de la Bûcherie, 75005. Métro Saint Michel. Bring 10 copies of a poem or of 4 pages of prose for insightful feedback. Or come to listen and practice the art of giving useful and encouraging feedback to others. What makes a story work? What makes a poem strong? 6 euros participation. Click here 
for more info. Click on the blue stamp on the right to sign up to the mailing list. 

David Barnes is a short story writer and poet, prose editor of Strangers in Paris (Tightrope Books, 2011) and editor of The Bastille lit magazine. His short stories and poems have been published in a number of magazines. He has run the group since he started it in 2005.

Bruce Sherfield is a story writer and poet who designed The Bastille no.2: In Your Dreams. He is currently working on a novel set in Brussels. He has co-run the group since 2011.

We are both passionate about learning the craft of writing and about growing the community of writers. Join us!


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