Report from April 7: Nicknames!

Report by Copito De Nieve. Photos by: Bine. Full album here.

We started 1 hour and 20 minutes late due to a scheduling accident but we don’t know how we made it. It was a Nicknames night and we had (in order of appearance): Salacious Crumb, Anarchy, Prince Albert, Ginger bitch, The Asparagus, our featured reader Annie (That’s a nickname) Brechin. Yannicus (from the Gladiator), Crowd, Donkey, The Spaniard, No nicknames, Godot, Flux or Hannuman, Amu, Bean and To the Newens! They will be back next Monday with their original names but you’ll find them very confused and philosophical, given that our next theme is: Dilemma!

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