SpokenWord goes Walkabout… or Goodbye Gabriel, Lucy & Beatrice

A SpokenWord truly in the spirit of the flaneur!


We’ll meet at the Chat-Noir at 8pm Monday (28th July) as usual. Then we’ll go on a pub crawl stopping at bars to do poetry slots, stories, stand-up, songs, etc as usual. This will either be in the bars or on the street, in squares, beside the canal, etc. We’ll have a mini-amp and microphone. We’ll do it in open spaces and we’ll probably head to the canal.
If it rains, we’ll stay in the Chat Noir.
So – weather permitting, this will be a SpokenWord on the move and pub crawl. Theme: double theme!! We invite you to do stuff on the themes of GOODBYE or THE FLANEUR. (As usual, themes are meant to inspire, only follow them fi you feel like it.)

Meet at the Chat Noir at pm as usual and we’ll go from there, probably setting off about 8.45pm

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

If you can’t find us, didn’t make it to the Chat before we left, sms or call Gabriel and he’ll tell you where we are as we roam around Paris.
Gabriel Gorman 06 42 70 68 45

Cheers all,
David & Alberto

Start at Au Chat Noir:
76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 metro Parmentier/Couronnes

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