What’s this for?

What’s this for? This SpokenWord? this space? this crowd? these listeners? What?
For a safe space to speak
held so by how we are
A place to say my truth, your truth
try to work out a bit of life lived
& get at what it’s about
A place to be vulnerable
A safe place

No goal beyond this.
No rat race here.
Rats! Seek elsewhere!
No suck-cess
here its pull is stilled
Here is for the deeper meeting
with no reason
but to be

What’s this for?
What’s SpokenWord for?
It’s for something bigger than chasing fame or money
It’s for a moment of listening to the echoes of your deepest living
in the words of someone else
shared at risk

What’s this for?
It’s not about money
it’s more important than that
And though we all have only 5 minutes
we’re off the clock
in this safe space

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1 Response to What’s this for?

  1. thanks david. your work is very important in a world that in many ways has closed freedom to speak our hearts. thanks to you and your team. b’shalom, jeanne

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