Volunteers sought for Paris literary projects:

SOUGHT: Guest blogger for an invaluable monthly calendar of literary events in Paris http://parisreadingsmonthlylisting.blogspot.fr/ The postings only happen once a month and include English, bilingual and a selection of French reading events and writing workshops. Guest blogger will be encouraged to add their own personal touch to the postings. Currently the job involves 1) receiving and ordering in paragraph formats the information for sections 1-2 of the blog on events and writing workshops in Paris (most people do know how to format these, but with bookstores and various events the job involves reformatting and even contacting or seeking the information) 2) locating information for section 3 on potential calls for work, and selecting a smattering of prose, poetry, travel writing and other information and 3) including in section 3 and on the sidebar announcements for new and forthcoming books by authors based in Paris or who will be reading in Paris that month. Benefits? Everyone will love you forever for helping get the word out. Occasional tickets to events for free (ie some of the theater events) and books by guest visiting authors. The timing is ONE post per month, usually near the start of each month. If interested, please contact Jennifer K Dick at fragment78 at gmail dot com. THANK YOU for posting and passing along this call for blogger!!!

SOUGHT 2: Stagiare who speaks English and at least some French, or French and some English, for Ivy Writers Paris bilingual reading series (see our blog at http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.fr/). Basic duties (to be adapted to the individual intern’s desires and needs): 1) help set up, animate the events and sell books at Ivy Writers Paris monthly reading events 2) make up print mini flyers and post them around town each month 3) attend other readings and art events during the month in Paris and hand out flyers for Ivy at those events–meaning networking and publicity, being the porte-parole for Ivy. The benefits? Meeting and getting to know some of the most exciting contemporary authors writing experimental work in English and French today. Experience as an organizer and aide. Development options? adding duties related to web design, business concept if filing for nonprofit standing (an option) and grant writing. On the ideal side, Ivy is looking into a new publication status–so anyone interested in conceiving then working on developing, designing, editing and publishing a monthly or even yearly publication in print or even potentially online related to Ivy would be a welcome intern. If interested, please contact Jennifer K Dick at fragment78 at gmail dot com. THANK YOU for posting and passing along this call for Ivy Writers Paris intern for the 2014-2015 season!!!

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