Spoken Word Paris September 29: Extraterrestrial!

Photo-report by Sabine Dundure. More Pictures here.

Caricature-report by Marzio Mariani. More Caricatures here. Like it as you like.

Downstairs au Chat Noir special fundrising night for Dawn of the Algorithm with our featured Dinosaur poet Yann Icus! You can still donate here (11 days left). The cast included: David Barnes, James Waltz, Ferdinand, Victor, Will, Halim, Francesca, Pallavi, Helen, Khronos, David Sirois, Albert Alla & Chris Newens, Leemore, Vincent & Fred, Julien, Lucy, Charlie, Miss Peacock, Kelly, Amelia, Lauren, Elizabeth and the final duo Gaie & Adrien better known as “Witches, Monkeys and Dancing Carpets”. With Sabine Dundure taking pictures and Marzio Marziani drawing sketches (see if you recognize yourself!) Many more poets expected next Monday at the same hour. Edgy theme: I WISH WE’D STOLEN THAT DOG. You have to include this phrase somewhere in what you read. Cheers!

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