Monalisa Maione – guest poet 20th April

“Monalisa Maione was born near Boston and escaped to New York as soon as she was legal. She now shares her time writing between California and Paris where she splits her life between different cultures, and not very gracefully. Her perspective as a writer was affected by a serious brain injury in 2013, and the subsequent dissolution of the life she knew both internally and externally. Her poems have most recently been published “30 Years of the San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival Anthology,” “Walt Whitman’s Corner” in the Long Islander, Great Weather for Media NYC’s Anthology “I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand,” and others. Her voice can be found on Producer Tom Mears’ cd “Miller Street Memories” and at readings around the US. Her first book will be published in 2015.”

Monalisa Malone

Monalisa Malone

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