Monday Jun 29th Special Guest: Malgorzata Kasprzycka

Photo(1)Theatre director, performer, musician, teacher who lives in Paris but moves around constantly. Member of the Young European Theatre Laboratory and of the collective of directors Inspire Group which evolved into her own company Volcano Song. Her first project “Sinon l’hiver / if not, winter”(inspired by poetry by Sappho), received a grant from the Ministery of Culture of Mexico. As a musician she performed with a folk duo “Autumn Train” and with her solo project “Ginger”. In September she will be performing in “Andy, a Popera” (Bearded Ladies Cabaret and Opera of Philadelphia). In the center of her work lies the relationship between the voice and the body. A lover of bridges, trains, places, train stations, airports and theatre stages of all kind. Like the Spokenword Paris’ non-stage.

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