Guest poet at SpokenWord Monday 13th July – Rita Malikonyte Mockus

Rita-Malikonyte-MockusRita Malikonyte Mockus, born in Lithuania, is a classically trained pianist who has studied philosophy and creative writing and has a degree in art history. Her poetry has appeared in Salos (Sviesa Press, Lithuania). She was a featured vocal performer and wrote a cycle of poems set to Jasenka’s electro­acoustic recording “An Artist and a Plane” for the Electroshock label in 2004. She also wrote the lyrics to the work “Yoin,” which was performed at the National Philharmonic of Lithuania in Vilnius. In 2007 she read her poetry at the City of Asylum annual Jazz Poetry Concert alongside saxophonist Jimmy Carter from World Saxophone Quartet and drummer Roger Humphries. In 2013, she read at the Bonfire Reading Series together with Moe Seager, an American­French jazz poet. Mockus writes cultural criticism for the Autumn House Press and the online magazine Sampsonia Way. She also collaborates with local video artists, is a member of Zero Prestige, a Pittsburgh poetry collective, and contributes her poems to its monthly journal. She is currently working on her book of poems She­Rif s.

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