Update – Other Writers’ Group today

Update to time & place.

Other Writers’ Group today 6.30pm-8.30pm.
Meet in front of Shakespeare & Co.

We’re still going to have a writer’s workshop for anyone who needs to come together, talk or reach out in a time of hardship.
Shakespeare & Co have closed for the day. So w
e’ll meet in front of the shop at the normal time 6.30pm and go from there. 37 rue de la Bucherie opposite Notre Dame.

Contact (if you can’t find us): David 06 26 90 13 26

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3 Responses to Update – Other Writers’ Group today

  1. Deborah says:

    David and Bruce and fellow writers. Know that I am and will be with all of you in spirit. Wish I could Jon you in person. Two weeks ago you opened your group so freely to me and I will never forget that. Our hearts are broken and we stand in solidarity with Paris and all of France. My deepest sympathies. Deborah K

  2. susanlanigan says:

    Reblogged this on Susan Lanigan – Author of White feathers and commented:
    I’ve had the pleasure of reading at an open mic event at Spoken Word Paris in September 2013. It was during that wonderful, balmy summer I signed the publication agreement for White Feathers in the Les Editeurs cafe in Odeon the following day. It’s typical of the gutsiness of this wonderful organisation that they are continuing the writing workshop today in their beautiful city. For those who would like to take part in Bruce’s workshops or perform a reading at their open mics, now would be an excellent time. Bon courage!

  3. Deborah K. says:

    I wish I could join the group tonight and am certainly there in spirit. You were amazing to me when I was in Paris and I will always feel connected to Spoken Word Paris and the writers’ group. Know that my heart is with all of you.

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