Gentle reminder: Open Secret’s 1st Birthday Party, 2nite, Wednesday, 13/01/2016! “Get real.” With a double feature of singer/songwriters Tim Watt & Cat Rickman!

David J. Alfred Prufrock Wah-Wah Pedal Sirois on the scene (free new pigeon poem below), inviting you to a special 1-year-precisely-anniversary episode of Open Secret, your open-minded “Bigmouth Strikes Again” open mic. Words, words, words – yes indeed, but also lots of singer/songwriters, performance art, comedy, storytelling & many surprises!

Open Secret – Wednesdays downstairs in the cave at Le Bistrot des Artistes, 6 rue des Anglais (the Yellow Brick Road that unites Boulevard Saint Germain & rue Lagrange), 75005 Paris, France, Existence, Believe It or Not. . .Metro Maubert-Mutualité (line 10) & Saint-Michel (line 4).

8:30 sign-up begins (& goes all night), 9pm the show explodes into confetti!

This week our theme is “Get real.”  And we have a double feature of brilliant musicians: the articulate, warm-toned singer/guitarist/harmonica player Tim Watt; & the edgy-yet-mellifluous voice of ukulele-playin’ songwriter Cat Rickman…more about them below.

Open Secret is a gathering-of-the-tribes of artists: creators & listeners of every genus (genius) & species. Come see how community feels. . .

Cat Rickman is a New York-based singer-songwriter. Early influences include the jazz greats, various hipster indie queens, and angsty British rock bands. She hopes to sound like what would happen if Ella sang for the Arctic Monkeys.

Tim Watt’s Bio:
Hertfordshire musician Tim Watt (Alternative Folk Rock) captivates an audience with haunting melodies and complementing soulful vocals. He has performed a vast array of shows over the years, from the neon lights of Las Vegas to such legendary folk venues as The Troubadour in London and The Bitter End in New York City. His songs are sculptured with poetic lyrical content inspired by the works of Cohen, Dylan, Neil Young and Nick Drake, with more recent influences consisting of Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams to name a few. The eclectic collection of influences ranging from folk to the punk rock movement provides a unique body of individual compositions to the listener.

See you at the Bistrot!



“He suffered, & he suffered, & he suffered – then on the seventh day, he took a break.  Then, he suffered!”


There is a painful lack of

pigeons on the pavement

at this moment.


My entire being aches

for how they go out dancing

still wearing their office clothes

at 5:05pm –

smart grey suits or

black with fancy white stripes –

even dirt-colored birds

know how to groove &

shake it.


Wind-blown rolling plastic bags

covered with colorful advertising

attempt to serve as substitutes for

strolling, sightseeing birds

on this colorless afternoon.


Suddenly, some of my

rarely-flying friends

return in groups of 3

like our national police

on each corner near the metro

in this patchwork neighborhood

where no one knows

what will happen next.


I thrive on the aliveness of wings!

-David Leo Sirois




About David Leo Sirois

Poet, translator, singer/songwriter, actor, dancer, seeker... YouTube channel ~ SoundCloud ~
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1 Response to Gentle reminder: Open Secret’s 1st Birthday Party, 2nite, Wednesday, 13/01/2016! “Get real.” With a double feature of singer/songwriters Tim Watt & Cat Rickman!

  1. pineapplexvi says:

    I loved being a performer & a member of the audience during my 16-day Paris visit. The variety of performers was enjoyable to see & hear.

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