Monday February 22nd. The theme is “Actors/Acting” with Frank Klötgen, our guest from Germany.

frankkloetgen_c_uwe_lehmannFrank Klötgen, is a slam poet from Munich and writer of hyperfictions. Singer of the band Marilyn’s Army for more than 25 years and 15 albums. In 1998, his multimedia novel “Die Aaleskorte der Ölig” was awarded with the “Pegasus”, prize of German internet-literature by DIE ZEIT and ARD. The multimedia hyperfiction-novel »Spätwinterhitze« was published in December 2004 on CD-ROM as volume of Beat Suter’s series »edition cyberfiction«. His best slam poetry-texts were published in »Will Kacheln« (book and CD, 2007), followed by the novel “Der Fall Schelling” (book and CD, 2010; both by Voland & Quist publishers). The books “Mehr Kacheln! “, “Kitt!” and “Holz und die 7 Todsünden” assemble his poems, the latest release “Büdchenzauber und Zechenverse” is a mixture of novel and tourist guide, but also contains more than 30 poems. In 2012, he got famous for his book-architecture, when he started building up replicas of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Death Star or the Tay Mahal with his books. He was invited to book fairs in Abu Dhabi and Literature Festivals all over the world to perform wit h his poems and book buildings. He took part in about 2.000 slam competitions and won several prices.

– Spätwinterhitze (novel, CD-ROM, Verlag Voland & Quist 2004)
– Will Kacheln (slam poetry, book and CD, Verlag Voland & Quist 2007)
– Der Fall Schelling (novel, book and CD, Verlag Voland & Quist 2010)
– Mehr Kacheln! (poems, 2011)
– Kitt! (poems, 2012)
– Büdchenzauber und Zechenverse (novel, conbooks 2013)
– Holz und die 7 Todsünden (poems, 2014)

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