SpokenWord Paris Monday, April 25th–John Hicks on the DREAMS theme

image-d4b18c1f5e1555f131f6b5b2a7b0ec1ae6e125cab487d3874a06c4bfb36875c3-V (1)He doesn’t remember  how he ended up in Paris, but can only assume it was for a good reason..A former member of many bands of which you have never heard :

Incandescent Rabbits — Washington DC; Crash and Burn  — Blacksburg VA, Rake — Christiansburg VA  Hiccup — Edinburgh Scotland
For 20 years playing on the European samba scene … with the London Samba School, Aquarela de Paris, TESS and others in all locations from from Rio to Hong Kong passing through Coburg, Germany.  Composer of carnival songs for these groups and founder of PagoCh’ti — The first pagode band of Lille ! 2004
Away from all that tropical hilarity, he is also a regular player with the soon to be non-existing Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists (final US tour in June … ) and even further away still, heading back into the dark and contemplative side of European singer songwriter…. which is what the plan is for this special set at spoken word
Ps :  He recently help save a chihuahua from certain oblivion
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