SpokenWord 4th July – Fork Burke & Sebastian Rotzler

Fork Burke and Sebastian RotzlerThis 4th of July the theme at SpokenWord is SPACE. The special guests are Fork Burke (poet) and Sebastian Rotzler (double bass).

Contributing poet at The First Brussels International Underground Poetry Festival, Fork Burke’s Licking Glass is a book of poems, poetic essays and other images. Recordings include Fork Remixed – Which was among the winners of the Australian International Song Competition. Her latest Spoken Word recording is Durch die Blumen

Sebastian Rotzler is a double-bass player, improviser and sound-creator. His work emphasizes experimental, improvised music. His playing is inspired by associations, by developing sound patterns, but it can also outburst into sudden but still specific sound interventions.

SpokenWord – sign up from 8pm, poetics begin  underground from 8.30pm
Au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 metro Parmentier/Couronnes
Entry: free
Exit: One euro

”Chacun a son mot à dire.”

Cheers all,

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