Chris Bernstorf to Guest at SpokenWord Paris July 11th—Monday’s Theme: The Art of Living

Performing since 2010 and touring since he finished college in the spring of 2012, Chris 11080846_879435895449465_7545653238110048260_oBernstorf has carved a singular trail.  Having performed around 400 shows in 38 states and Canada, he finds himself equally at home in the middle of a metal show or a living room and has developed a reputation for breaking down the barriers between himself and his audience, inviting everyone in the room into an experience, one he hopes is wrought with honesty, passion, and love.  His poems run the gamut from shout-a-long anthems to quiet love poems to post-rock-length journeys and are united by an indomitable sense of joy and life.  Performing in every setting from music venues to parks to kitchens to a church bathroom, Bernstorf’s poems have found a home in the ears of everyone from middle schoolers to hardcore kids to middle-aged moms, proving at every turn that the ultimate classification for his poems is simply poetry for people

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