Elan Mehler to guest at SpokenWord Paris July 18th ! Monday’s Theme—Sacrilegious/Sinful/Irreverent

Elan Mehler was born in Boston, studied jazz and classical music at New York University, and resided in NYC playing music with various ensembles for ten years.
Called “disorienting and fascinating” by MOJO magazine and a “…refreshingly slow answer to our trashy nanosecond pop culture” by Time Out London, Elan Mehler, the pianist and star discovery of Radio 1 veteran Gilles Peterson has released three albums on Brownswood Recordings, and now two records with Challenge Records.  2007’s “Scheme For Thought” called a “…work of mellow magnificence” by Time Out and garnered a four star review from MOJO Magazine, was selected as a top ten record of 2007 by the Stephen Graham.  2009’s “The After Suite,” “a masterpiece with a capital ‘M,”  –All About Jazz, was hailed as “…positively rhapsodic” by Time Out.  2010’s collaboration with the Oklahoman singer-songwriter Adam McBride-Smith, Half Seas Over, built  “…a productive relationship between two genres of music that few jazz artists other than Bill Frisell have managed to splice…” Elan signed with the Dutch record label, Challenge Records in 2013 and has released a trio record and solo piano record to critical acclaim.  Elan has performed his music worldwide at major festivals, venues and radio stations.
From 2010-2015 Elan lived in Paris where he started writing dirty, disturbing songs.  He now sings these songs often with his band as TJ and the Revenge to packed crowds in very, very small venues.

Mehler’s touch is as nuanced as Bill Evans’s, and his phrasing draws on both jazz and classical music without directly importing licks from either.  The subdued certainties of his playing bring a crowded room to total silence.”
–John Fordham, The Guardian
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