Richard Earls to guest at SpokenWord Paris October 10th–Monday’s Theme: True Confessions

13320568_1055881201127417_8632490561137885363_oRichard Earls writes and performs poetry and songs on subjects as diverse as love, war, family, death and desperation on the dance floor.A musician and songwriter for four decades, he wrote his first anti-war poems five years ago after an encounter with an ex-GI begging on Market Street in San Francisco. This unforgettable experience opened the flood-gates and he is now a regular on the folk and spoken word circuit in the UK at venues such as Songs from Below at the Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden; Hush Hush, in Brighton; The Big Untidy at the Rising Sun Arts Centre,

Reading;  and the Frome Festival.Holding up a mirror to this dangerous and daunting world, Richard takes to task the crooks, marketeers, broadcasters and warmongers who are running the show, and exhorts his listeners and readers to use their vote wisely and treat one another more kindly.

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