Moe Seager to Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 21st–Monday’s Theme: Tellin’ It Like It Is

11889521_10153124224147423_8662065917552861178_n1Moe will read from his recently published 5th collection We Want Everything and from his new erotic collection I Wanna Make Jazz To You and from new poems created in recent weeks. Critics review of Seager’s recent book We Want Everything, Onslaught press, Oxford, U.K; 2016. “From its title to the ruminating final free verse  “Perhaps” these are not poems to be presented at wine and cheese parties. What Moe Seager’s creations are is a way into a way out, artful, and consciously artless simultaneously, socially engaging conversational, erotic, egalitarian, and quite musical.Read these poems aloud for maximum effect, unwrap them, chew on them, embrace them, lock horns with them, but ultimately feel them. if you have a soul you will relish this collection, if you have no soul open this book immediately.” Danny Shot, Publisher and editor of the Long Shot Literary Arts Review, Poet- -in- residence Hoboken Museum of Art.

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