Dareka Daremo to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 27th–Monday’s Theme: Paris

RectoVersus-LMP-52,large.2x“Dareka performs his poetry since 2005 in France, then in USA, and everywhere his feet can land on. He is now traveling through France and Europe to satisfy his thirst for poetry. He hosted the popular Paris Poetry venue, “Slam au Downtown”, for two years when he wasn’t rocking the stage with his experimental fusion punk jazz spoken word band, La Bête Aveugle. He got his poem-tales series turned into a play once, hosted a workshop at the USA national poetry slam, another about poetry performance in many schools of Casablanca, represented France at the London Poetry Olympics, rode a horse in Icelandic mountains (unrelated), got his poetry recently displayed in an art gallery in Japan. He often performed his poetry in very strange places, such as a pizzeria in Rio de Janeiro, a church in Hanover, a Sephora make-up shop in the Ardennes forest, on a tennis table in a craft shop turned vegetarian restaurant in Porto, and so on, and yes, he liked it. Just as his life, his poems are metamorphic animals, and he’s a zoo keeper in hell. They are trees and buildings, little skeletons dancing under the moonlight, lonely kids lost in urban mazes, sewing needles stuck in his frail stupid little heart. They are maelstrom of rhymes, soda drinks in a night bar, for a drunken public. They are you, they are him, they are life and death kissing in a blink, but it does not really matters.”

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