Noman Hosni to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 3rd–Monday’s Theme: Parenthood

17669048_10154476008571699_2018708142_oNoman Hosni isn’t really the kind of guy you can easily pigeonhole. An expert Jack-of-all-trades, he’s a collector of vocations: director, host of the famous TV show Garage on TSR 2, avid practitioner of extreme sports—one might understandably assume he’s hyperactive. His role models include Ricky Gervais, Michael McIntyre, and Daniel Tosh, among many others. After a trip to the legendary stand-up clubs of the United States in 2006, he finally decided to take the plunge and go into comedy. Winner of the 2009 Night of Humor, he was an accomplished member of the Swiss Comedy Club, where he honed his style night after night. After performing at the Montreux Comedy Club in 2010, he participated in the Open du Rire for Radio Rire et Chansons. A Debjam Comedy prizewinner, he was chosen by Jamel Debbouze for the Marrakech Festival of Laughter and invited to join the Comedy Club troupe in Paris starting in September 2011. Hosni also performs in English with the International Comedy Club (formerly known as Funny Laundry) in Geneva , Lausanne , and Zurich . In the not-so-distant future—who knows?—he may even take the boards of London by storm. In the meantime, one thing’s for sure: the sky’s the limit for Noman Hosni.
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