Chris Newens and Alice Selwyn Grace to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 10th–Monday’s Theme: Music

Chris Newens is 30 and from Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. A sometime journalist, sometime playwright, before helping to set up Fourplay he was co-founder of its predecessor, The Montmartre Dionysia, and so has been behind the push for more English theatre in Paris for almost four years. His journalism, meanwhile, recently won him the Financial Times/Bodley Head Essay Prize 2016.

Alice Selwyn Brace is 23 and from Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. A journalist and editor for several publications including Louis Vuitton Travel Guides and fashion magazine Wheretoget, she co-founded Fourplay in 2015 after acting in and directing numerous productions around Paris, including for the Montmartre Dionysia and Shakespeare & Co. bookshop.

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