Emma Finet, Jennifer Karen, Pattie Martins to Guest at SpokenWord Paris, May 15th, in an Excerpt from Anton Bonnici’s play! Monday’s Theme: Erotic

Emma FinetJennifer KarenPattie MartinsAnton Bonnici

Emma Finet was trained by Philippe Vallepin at the Conservatoire du Mans, and Lydia Alieksievna at Demain Le Printemps school (Minsk). After performing in short movies and web series, she went back to theater through the parisian burlesque scene. She co-created the PAF Théâtre Cie with Sandrine Rouault, and released her first production in 2015, Hors d’Oeuvre d’Arts, a satyric comedy about contemporary art. Her own solo – Mémé Gertrude se Dévoile – followed in 2016. She also works for the Manoir de Paris which produces an interactive horror show on Parisian urban legends.

Jennifer Karen has been a professional actress for about 15 years. She completed a Performing Arts degree in Winchester and then continued her acting training in London where she also made her first steps as an actress for thetage, screen, commercials and as a voiceover artist. Her favourite roles in theatre to date are “Lady Macbeth” (Shakespeare obviously!) “Lady Mortimer” (C.Marlowe) and “Elizabeth Proctor” (A.Miller). Furthermore Jennifer is proud to have produced, written and co-directed the short “Naked Dreams” in which she played the lead role “Joanna”. This film has been screened at various events in Paris and at some international film festivals too. It was shot in Paris where Jennifer moved in 2011. Besides working in English and French, Jennifer also works regularly in Germany where she also grew up.

Pattie Martins Born into a family of Actors and Directors, Pattie pursued the same career path. Working in various styles of acting from physical to realist in both Film and Stage,  she’s completed training with Ariane Mnouchkine in Theatre du Soleil, Commedia Dell’Arte Mask Technique, and Argentinian pantomime. She also holds certificates in Eugenio Barba’s method with Odin Teatret in Denmark, and in Method Acting through the Stella Adler Actor’s Studio Technique. She’s also had the pleasure of working within the London, New York and L.A Stage and Film community, having performed the lead in an award winning film and performed in different productions on Parisian stages of all sizes.  She has also worked with (amond others) illustrious international film and stage directors such as Jyiue Hu, Hugo Cesto, Angela Buckingham and Sei Shiomi.

Anton Bonnici A playwright, director and teacher, Anton Bonnici has been a keen student of the literary and performing arts since his formative years. Subsequent to his studies in literature, theatre, creative writing, cultural criticism and theory, Bonnici developed interests in post- and trans- human subjects, extreme works of genre fiction, and anything related to television, pop and video-game culture. After having written and directed his Paris debut show Quasar Blues for the inaugural Paris Fringe International Theatre Festival in 2016, he created the Of Potters’ Demons production lab initiative as a Paris based artistic collaborative platform for the production and development of new experiences in art and performance beyond the compromising constraints of stereotypical commercial standards.

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