Nick Calderbank and Damian Corcoran to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 29th–Theme: Friends/Hope Springs Eternal


NICK CALDERBANK is the founder member of the On Stage/Open Space theatre company and has produced plays by Shakespeare, Pinter, Ayckbourn and Mamet.More recently he has turned his hand to writing and last year wrote and directed the short film ”The Power Within”

DAMIAN CORCORAN has been performing without his parents permission for over Half a century,and  since a typically messy entrance at their house he has continued to fuck things up worse than a couple of cowboy builders.

While we all confess that “There’s nothing like a good poem” Damian freely admits that ” mine are nothing like good poems but one day they’ll be my legacy”.

And when it’s found by my progeny they’ll say why did he  leave us his “leg at sea”.

Absurd though this sounds the rhyme is not the reason nor the time or the season but seize the day strike while the irony is hot And bless the little ones for they know not who they do.

Religion, in  particular the crucifixation, has played a b minor part in Damian‘s Roccoco chamber pot that others call “life” (pissoir in French) and it is through the poem that you shall know him “habeus corpus ic sunt bibendum est” As they say in Rome

But before he goes on a busman’s holiday (don’t tell the busman) and becomes a fulltime retired writer

He is performing deep and of great social import sketches about unreconstructed males who find beers easier to understand than women, even women with beers.





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