Alison Koehler to Guest at SpokenWord Paris September 11th—Monday’s Theme: Transparent

21460059_10159259995540654_372665197_oAlison Grace Koehler is a poet, painter and maker of stained glass. Her work in these mediums is interconnected. She has written cultural reviews for the Copenhagen Post and contributed to research at The Scottish Stained Glass Symposium and Trust after receiving the Bourse Leonardo. Alison has curated and performed in shows for Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Les Nocturnes de l’Aude, and The Edinburgh Art Festival. One of the longstanding poets at the Bordel de la Poésie, Alison brings her words into intimate as well as public spaces. Her stained glass has traveled through its own diverse settings, from Auvers-Saint-Georges forest to Berkeley Books to recent artist residency at Carbone 17 in Aubervilliers. Alison lives in Paris and continues to create independently at Atelier Lengaï. Her poetry, like her stained glass, is imbued with personal expression as well as happenstance, and shards of transparency.

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