Sandra Sarala to Guest at SpokenWord Paris September 25th–Monday’s Theme: Saying Goodbye/ Leaving/ Parting

_DSC2896 SandraSandra Sarala is a singing performance poet, journalist, bookmaker, copy editor, permaculturist, and actor, with a sideline in archaic East European folk song. She left Aotearoa-New Zealand mid-1997, shortly after working with Alan Brunton and Sally Rodwell’s Red Mole’s Roadworks theatre company in Wellington. Via Seoul, Moscow, Poland, southern Germany and rural Czech Bohemia she eventually put down tentative roots in Berlin in April 2002. Aside from several intermittent decampments to Italy, they grew. From 2004-08 she was one of the co-founding members of ensemble Polýnushka, whose debut CD of archaic Russian village songs won the German Record Critics Prize for folklore in September 2008. During 2011-12 she curated and MCed the multi-disciplinary performance series ‘Berlin COMPASS’. This September she’s been touring Italy and France on her first Permaterrailean tour.
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