Carey Downer, Henry Rizk, Lorenzo Antoniucci to Guest at SpokenWord Paris February 19th–Monday’s Theme: Connection/Disconnection

The sketch, ”Luigi and the Sad-Eyed Lady” written by Nick Calderbank, features:

IMG_20180125_220801Carey Downer is a British/Canadian Actress with a wide range of experience in radio,theatre and music. She has worked with several companies on internal communication projects as a voice over artist for internal videos/ Management interviews and also in general advertising for companies such as l’Oreal and Bull. She is a founder member of “Break-a-leg”, an English language Theatre Association producing Comedies in Paris by writers such as Willy Russell, Noel Coward and Oscar Wilde. Nowadays, Carey very much enjoys performing and writing comic sketches on stage and in private soirees and writes short stories and plays for children. She is also often involved in staged play readings for “Moving Parts” and “Theatre Metropole”.

Henri Rizk is a French actor used to working in English and in Italian. He
was trained at the Theatre le Hangar in Toulouse and at a multidisciplinary Drama School in Paris where he had Valérie Antonijevich as a Drama teacher. He has worked with her on several Contemporary writings. Henri loves comedy and, in fact, his first acting experience was in Commedia dell’Arte play, he has also worked in vaudevilles of Labiche, in The Dragon (Evguéni Schwartz) and in some sketches for the screen. He also performs regularly in Theatrical tours in touristic areas of Paris.As well as comedic roles, he also likes performing more dramatic parts, as he did in many short films such as : a maffioso in Family Day (Jean-Charles Charavin), or a lonely man in Apparition (Denis Dobrovda) He has done many workshops with Nadine George’s Voice Studio International in London, thanks to which he met Laurent Courtin who directed him in Seneca’s Phedra.


Lorenzo Antoniucci is an Italian actor and writer. He worked with several companies on ancient Greek’s and modern-absurd theatre. In Paris he founded the theatre collective “Leonardo Da Vinci” with the American author, Jason F. Mc Gimsey. Nowadays he often performs as poet and actor at Paris’ Le Cabaret Populaire,  Culture Rapide.
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