Rudka Zydel, Yuuri Miki, Katsuhiko Murata to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 7th–Monday’s Theme: Voice/Sound

Rudka Zydel (born 1987) – lives in Krakow, slam poet since 2012. Winner of the first National Slam Poetry Championship in Poland. Performed all around the country, tries to give high school students a voice during slam poetry workshops. Loves watching poets dance frantically to James Brown and at least once a year dreams about Rock Hudson. Her album in English would be called Clatteris.
Yuuri Miki, born 12.31.1984, grew up among haikus, modern poetry and a wide range of music. In Junior  High, one of her haikus received great recognition in Japan. Then she re-emerged in 2012 on stage in Tokyo thanks to her musical style and a quite vivid language.  She collaborated in various rock bands and won Idol contests in various Live Houses (the common music stages you find everywhere in Japan). In 2017, she organized the Ueno Poetrican Jam 5, gathering more than 900 poetry fans and subsequently won the Japanese Poetry Slam.  She has already  married three times and has 2 kids. And she wants the world to know that there is a girl that much punk rock in Japan. Wait for her and shiver!
 Katsuhiko Murata  refers to himself as a “spoken-word activist”. He produced the Poetry Reading Video “The Voice” in 2004.  In 2005, visited N.Y.C where he had previously taken part in the the poetry slam in Nuyorican Poets Cafe. There, he joined the Poetry Slam at Bowery Poetry Club. Since 2010, he has been involved in the Spring Annual live series  “Do-gyo Ninin” (nspired by Basho the great writer of Haikus)  with his friend Kawaguchi Takeshi.  His first album CD ” Birth of a Poet ”  was released in the spring of 2014. He came to Paris in 2014 and participated in the open mic of both Chat Noir and Down Town Café. He also participated in the Poetry Slam World Cup, interacting with poets from many countries. Then he decided to present a National Slam in Japan.where he hosted the first since 2015. The scale of competition continues to expand every year.
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