Janine Booth and Zachary Coffin to Guest at SpokenWord Paris, May 28th! Monday’s Theme: Passion / Compassion

InvisibleFestival200418ZacharyCoffin-DieTrying-SteveClay-Profile (2)

Janine Booth is a Marxist motormouth, who is in the second half of her poetry adventure having ranted in the 1980s and recomposed in 2014. She writes and performs poems funny and serious, formal and random. Janine’s poems have been published in numerous mags and anthologies, and in four of her own little books. Check out her website:  http://www. janinebooth.com/

Zachary Coffin (in his own words) is an unsuccessful writer and mediocre actor, somewhat known as that #EvilWhiteGuy in Bollywood.  He graduated from fancy schools with legendary teachers, and lives in their shadows, still learning.  He’s from California and has worked in 30 countries; but Mumbai meri jaan. Zack’s mother performs at SpokenWord Paris; he thought it might delight her if he did, too. http://www.youtube.com/ZacharyCoffinPage; http://www.imdb.me/ZacharyCoffin

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