Didier Cornevin to Guest at SpokenWord Paris July 16th–Monday’s Theme: French Poetry, Love and Journey

Didier CornevinI have always been passionate about literature and rock music. Before living near Paris, I was living in the south of France near Toulon by the sea. Why Toulon ? My father was in the Navy.  Provence, the cicadas, the pines what a beautiful region. When my parents left Toulon, along with the sun and the sea, we came to settle in a small village in the countryside near Versailles. Instead of giving up my passions they remained in the depths of my heart. I discovered French poetry Baudelaire, Never again will this poet leave me. I decided to learn to play the guitar and immortalize my favorite French poets–Verlaine, Rimbaud, Prévert– by putting their poems to  music .Today I continue my passion. I feel i have a mission vis-à-vis the people who are not of French nationality
and have not mastered the French language. I , myself, continue to be fascinated by French poets and so I try  to communicate to foreigners the love I have for these great men of poetry. Even if people do not understand the language, itself, I try to touch them– their sensitivity– and allow them to discover the beautiful sounds of the French language.

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