Serafina Salvador to Guest at SpokenWord Paris October 15th–Monday’s Theme: Meltdown

Short BioSerafina Salvador is a writer,  voice artist and actor who lives in London. An imaginative, innovative, bold, and evocative performer, her experience with acting in theatre, in short films and in television has served her well in developing a voice that resonates both on and offstage!  Her life has been a life based on Eastern philosophy and Western life. This combination influences all of her work and creative expression. Her recent play  Don’t Blame the Parents, Stoopid!  offers us a poetic and philosophical message of comic and cosmic proportion. ( Act I of Her Meltdown will be presented at SpokenWord Paris on Monday). Another theatre piece Don’t Blame the Bankers...Stoopid! tells the story of the banking world in 2008 when the Lehman Brothers et al experienced their own ”meltdown”.  (She was a trader at the time, and has since traded the stock floors for stage doors). The play received critical acclaim and was hailed as ”thought-provoking … a little gem that shows exactly what fringes can achieve.” Indeed, all of her writing may be said to be diabolical, fresh, exciting and honest.



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