Jamika Ajalon to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 4th–Monday’s Theme: Time Travel

IMG_3271Jamika Ajalon is a prolific author and inter-disciplinary artist who works with different mediums independently, but also in  multiple  fusions- incorporating written and spoken text, sound/music, and visuals.   Her poems, stories and essays have been published in various digital and hard copy publications internationally.  She  currently writes a regular column for Itchy Silk magazine “queer plume: the fugitive diaries”,  guest lecturer , (including Vienna Arts Academy, and American University of Paris), vocalist, writer musician, (Zenzile/Jamika & the Argonauts).  She has performed her audio visual anti lectures / sonic slam and exhibited across the globe (including Rennes Biennale of contemporary art,(2018), DISTURBANCE expo Kunsthalle Leipzig,(2017), Beton Salon, Paris (2017).  She has a BA Film/Video, MA Communications in Culture and Society, Goldsmiths University, London.

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