Henrik Aeshna/Eros en Feu to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 20th–Monday’s Theme: May Madness

HENRIK-AESHNA DIOR (1)Henrik Aeshna/Eros en Feu is a multimedia artist, poet, polyglot translator living in Paris. He is the founder and editor of Paris Poets, Tsunami Gang (wild art & poetry magazine) and Paris Surréaliste, the nomad poet/fire thief of the Great Wild Night of language where the Verb is born from an exploding star. Poet of wine-stained journals and nuits blanches sewn with orgasms and silences, unsent letters to dawn. Notebooks streaked with apocalypstick and graffiti, seismic shifts, unknown voices, violent tattoos, purple scars. Scars as proverbs. Wandering poet of rock gigs and jazz joints. Beach bum and dandy poet of cafés and parks, hotel rooms, opium dens and cul-de-sacs, endless plateaux and madhouses (where “modern plague doctors transform Ayahuasca visionaries into Abilify zombies and wind-up turtle men”). Electric poet of dreams and violated innocence, plastic prophets and digital alienation. Shaman-poet of chaos and Amour Fou. Imagine a hypnotic assemblage of Isadora Duncan or Vaslav Nijinsky dancing slow-motion to the Sex Pistols while the ghost of Tyler Durden, such as a Loa in trance, convulses around speaking in tongues and drawing symbolic veves on the ground, reciting the language of the birds, unveiling « the secret of flowers and floods ». Incandescent poetry, visceral and hallucinating. Henrik Aeshna’s presence is an invitation to insurrection, – resurrection of Magic & Wonder from the hypocrisy-reality show of our time. A daily war which often grinds down and reduces the artist (the sublime creator or Sacred Clown from faraway tribes and shores) to a cornered cardboard scourge, a ‘knocked out philosopher’ (lo-fi and off-key) bleeding a philosophy torn to pieces – the scream of the dragonfly: a last liberating laughter, a cicada’s last cry; – and that is their tragedy, their beauty, their contradiction, their truth, their challenge. Nevermind! http://www.parispoets.org

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