Sophia Lucia to Guest at SpokenWord Paris June 24th–Monday’s Theme: Internet

IMG_1841Sophia Lucia is an artist from Chicago, IL, USA. She received a BA in Performing Arts at University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently studying théâtre at Cours Florent in Paris. Sophia has been writing ever since she was a child- poetry, short stories, songs, pros, etc. Throughout high school and University she worked (as a waitress, naturally, and,) as a stage actress, performing in classical and contemporary plays throughout Chicago. For the past couple years, she has been mostly interested in performing her own materials. Chiefly, she creates from her stream of consciousness. Making sense of it, or not. She believes that art is alive, and in turn, a performance can never arrive same way twice. It is a collaboration with the space, the audience, the ambiance, the day of the week, what she had for breakfast that morning… The culmination of her creations is entitled, Freak Show Cabaret! (w/ free samples). Next Monday, Sophia Lucia Presents: iNtErNeT – un petit goût du Freak Show Cabaret. For more details, please attend the party!  Everyone is always invited. #dontmissthismeal

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