Fork Burke/Boni Joi to Guest at SpokenWord Paris December 2nd–Monday’s Theme: Convergence

a7FGamba April 22 2017
Fork Burke  Born in Detroit Called by New Orleans Developed in New York Landed in Switzerland and Live in Paris in Spirit … Moving with and past the disruption of the agreements (writing) into a kind of constant word-speak (poet) I simultaneously want something and feel at one with it  Currently – Cut-ups – Checklist 33 – In Constant Collaboration. Vision is vital – It is this that drives me as a Poet – I wanna know if the work belongs to this making- I wanna know if it is a weapon forming connections – A poet is plural.
Boni Joi is an archivist, teacher, and a slasher (editor/project manager/webmaster) for the small press Black Square Editions ( She has a Master in Fine Arts from Columbia University and has read her poetry at venues in New Jersey, New York, Canada, England, Switzerland, Italy, France, and elsewhere. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies. Her first collection of poetry Before During or After Rainstorms was published in 2012. Current projects include a series of 125 poems based on the paintings and drawings of Paul Klee in the collection of the Rosengart Museum Luzern and the publication of 33 Checklist: Two forthcoming in December by Edition Haus am Gern in Biel, Switzerland.
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