YAS to Guest at SpokenWord Paris January 6th–Monday’s Theme: Vibration

BGD-4I have been writing poems since I was nine years old, starting with this first verse “The moon is so beautiful that, sometimes, we have conversations“. (One might say, I am an) Adept of raw, automatic writing and ever flirting with the immortal flowers of surrealism. The theater was my first experience onstage, slam my first playing field. I participated in several major national slams, whereupon… music very quickly came to claim me. I have been performing on stage since 2007 –whether alone or accompanied by musicians, performers, and acrobats. As I arrived in Paris, I wondered how to survive in a city so violent. Then, I met a girl at one of the slam venues who said this about me:   ”Her response to concrete? words of concrete; her echo to horns? horns that honked back; her portrait of the mist? a gaseous gaze from behind misty glasses. I held back a dam of tears listening…Lurking behind those meanings were other meanings; behind those knives, other knives; by virtue of that field of flowers before us, a whole new field of flowers began sprouting in our hearts.” Monday evenings at the Downtown Café, helped me to better support my new life in France.

YAS Poète performeuse

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