David Leo Sirois to Guest at Spoken World online April 13th–Monday’s Theme: Freedom

20200325_202151David Leo Sirois was born in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, & grew up across the border in Madawaska, Maine. His poems have appeared in The Poetry Village, The Sunday Tribune Online, The Opiate, Those That This, THE BASTILLE, The Bioptic Review, Belleville Park Pages, Two Words For, Paris Lit Up, Terre à Ciel (which also published his translations of Paul Valéry, Adéline Baldacchino, & Déborah Heissler). Altogether, he has published over 75 pieces, including his work in The Keystone Anthology (Guildford, England), the anthology Vignettes & Postcards from Paris, & in the U.S., the anthology Becoming Fire: Spiritual Writing from Rising Generations, as well as Silo, Bennington College’s literary magazine, Poesy, & more. He is currently submitting two manuscripts for publication.

An online Spoken Word for these strange times.
Thanks to a Zoom room provided by The University of the 3rd Horizon.

Sign up from 8pm.
Poetics begin 8.30pm.
Turn off your microphone while someone’s reading their poetry or prose or making their music.

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