Emma Black to Guest at Spoken World Online April 27th–Monday’s Theme: The Afterlife

7759c38a-037a-429c-8b5a-1e5bf2ebfb47In Emma’s own words: “Emma Black was born in Paris of an Irish parent and an American parent. You will find her using her Anthropology degree as an excuse to blatantly stare at attractive strangers in the metro, “for research purposes”. She is the winner of no awards, has published no books, and has accomplished nothing noteworthy whatsoever. Please welcome her to the stage !” Emma is very modest. She is a brilliant young poet and we are very happy to welcome her as our special guest.
An online Spoken Word for these strange times.
Thanks to a Zoom room provided by The University of the 3rd Horizon.

Sign up from 8pm.
Poetics begin 8.30pm

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