Alison Grace Koehler, Our Special Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 15th–Monday’s Theme: Confessions

Alison Grace Koehler is a stained glass poet. These two mediums cross, fragment, break, and get rebuilt in her work. In live, reflective, evolving ways. Making windows with words, and soldering poems into spaces. She has performed or exhibited at festivals, galleries, and other environments including Marché de la Poesie, Slant Events, Cité International des Arts, Irruzioni, The Bloomsday Festival, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Stillpoint Spaces, Carbone 17, and the Edinburgh Art Festival. Alison lives in Paris, and her first book, Stained Glass Poetry, was published in 2020 by Paris Heretics. Her work can be found at, @alisongracekoehler (instagram & facebook), and @AGraceColor (twitter)

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